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The Importance of Environmental Education

The Importance of Environmental Education

All conservation efforts will be fruitless if persons that affect the area(s) being conserved are not well-informed about what conservation is and the reasons for it. In the cases of the marine and terrestrial environments, all those who utilize the resources such as fishermen, tourists, sport fishers, dive operators, resort owners and every day Bahamians must be informed. An informed public is the best supporter for environmental change and their understanding of the issues make for an easier adjustment in behavioral patterns. Most importantly, young people must be made aware of environmental issues, important ecosystems and ways in which harmful environmental impacts can be avoided or mitigated. A good national environmental program will foster a generation of environmentally minded and conscious individuals; individuals who will view environmental protection as a personal responsibility. In an effort to identify new areas throughout The Bahamas for consideration of protection or levels of restricted activity, review our maps, which identify ecosystems of importance and other useful information.

Bahamas Protected Areas Fund Act

Bahamas Protected Areas Fund Act 2014