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We ask you to join this ambitious project, whose vision was aided from around the world, as we together strive to protect this land that we love and ensure hope for the future.

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The current funding for the endowment for the BPAF is $2.5M. It is the plan to increase the endowment to $100M over the next five years in order to help effectively meet the funding gap for the effective management of the Bahamas National Protected Areas System.

BPAF is also working with the Government of the Bahamas, The Nature Conservancy, the Bahamas National Trust and other key stakeholders, to identify and draft implementation plans for the sustainable financing mechanism (SFM), deemed most appropriate through a consultative process that commenced in March.

We believe that the plan to both increase the endowment and to establish the SFM will together make the necessary impact to realize the Bahamas 2020 goal.