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Protecting the Gold of Our Natural Resources

At BPAF, we recognize the responsibility we bear in preserving the nation’s invaluable natural resources. Our mission is clear: to protect, conserve, and manage our natural areas for the benefit of present and future generations. We work tirelessly to ensure that our coral reefs remain vibrant, our forests thrive and our waters remain teeming with life.

Our lives and environment are at risk from rising sea levels, invasive species, climate change, diseases like Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease, pollution, and unchecked development. We must act urgently! Invest in nature-based solutions and ecosystem approaches to secure our future. The time is now to protect our children and preserve our planet.


Investing for the Future of Resilient Biodiversity within the Bahamas.


Our mission is to ensure a sustainable financial base for the effective management of the Bahamas National Protected Areas System and for conservation activities that protect the future and productivity of our national resources.

The largest small-island archipelago in the tropical Atlantic, the Bahamas’ total area is approximately 95% water.

The Bahamian economy and our livelihoods are built upon a healthy and resilient natural environment. Our commitment to the integrity of our environment has made us national leaders in the region particularly in marine conservation as seen in the establishment of the first protected area in 1892 followed in 1958 by the first of its kind, Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park, – a managed, no-take zone. We have been working since that time both with national and international stakeholders to build and expand The Bahamas National Protected Area System.

Who We Are

Protected areas are the foundation for the conservation of biodiversity, which in turn supports life. Protected areas benefit nations through uncompromised ecosystems services, such as freshwater production by watershed environments.

What We Do

Protected areas are also essential in national development. Through the natural and cultural resources that are protected, the production of goods and the provision of services can continue– supporting the economy. Finally protected areas provide space for scientific research and other educational activities.

How You Can Help

We believe individuals like you and organizations such as yours, will understand and grasp the urgency of this work and therefore extend an opportunity for you to invest, along with us, not only in the preservation of this country and but also the continuance of your interests in the Bahamas.

More than 18 million acres of important land,
near-shore and marine environments have now been placed in parks
and other types of protected areas within the Bahamas.

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