Mission for Mangroves seeks to offer visitors a delightful and rewarding environmental tour experience in helping restore and replenish the natural ecosystems that provide sustenance to marine life and critical protections to the local coastal communities of Grand Bahama Island.

Mission for Mangroves creates a sustainable connection between the tourism sector and mangrove replenishment activities that help to create a natural buffer from storm surge impacts. That connection is manifested through environmental tourism and the delivery of exciting new nature tour experiences tailored to families, individuals, or groups and which are hosted by local tour guides known as Stewards of the Environment (SOTE). The SOTEs are well trained and certified environmental tour guides with expert knowledge and understanding of mangroves and their value to the economy and the environment.

The Mission for Mangroves Project is supported by the following public, private and non-governmental agencies within The Bahamas: The Bahamas Protected Areas Fund; Bahamas Hotel & Tourism Association; Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation, Waterkeepers Bahamas and the digital platform provider, Mobile Assist. Click on the links below to learn more about these organizations.


Visitors and residents can create memorable experiences to share with family and friends by booking a mangrove tour with a friendly and professional guide or Steward of the Environment (SOTE). These stewards are tour guides who have undergone training in environmental conservation and mangrove management to understand and explain the ecology of the destination and who can share valuable insights into one of the most unique and nutrient ecosystems in the world – mangroves!

Guests booking the tour will visit the mangrove farm at Waterkeepers Bahamas to select their propagules/ pups for planting at designated coastal sites while learning about the role mangroves play as rainforests of the ocean and valuable carbon sinks. They will enjoy storytelling by their SOTE and hear details of how many embattled residents in coastal communities relied on mangroves to save their homes from the catastrophic impacts experienced during Hurricane Dorian, a 185 MPH cyclone that devastated the island in September 2019. Guests can add-on complementary activities to the mangrove tour such as an exploration of the flourishing mangrove canopy at the Lucayan National Park and short visit to Dover Sound, the site of much of the devastation caused by Dorian.

BASE PRICE of The Mission For Mangroves Tour is $ 75.00 per person for active participation (Planting Mangroves) at the Mangrove Farm at Water Keepers. If you want to add other activities to your Mission For Mangroves Tour, your chosen SOTE will provide you with the cost of adding additional experiences to your itinerary during your stay in Grand Bahama!

What’s Included:

  • Hotel pick-up and drop off provided
  • Hear insightful commentary from the SOTE guide
  • Small group tour – limited to (four per vehicle)
  • Beverage – water at the Mangrove Farm
  • Meeting and Pick Up – You can request that your SOTE pick up at a specific meeting point. Confirmation will be received at the time of booking. (Not wheelchair accessible). Travellers should have moderate physical fitness level.

Hours of Mangrove Farm Operation:

WKB Mangrove Farm
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

WKB Office
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

WKB Contact
1 (242) 373-7558

Please contact your SOTE for specific tour times.


Mission For Mangroves has partnered with Central Bank of The Bahamas approved Digital Payment Provider, MobileAssist®, to create a safe, secure and cashless environment. To use MobileAssist, download the app using your Google Play or App Store.

Once you have completed the short registration process, you’ll be able to load your digital wallet using all major credit and debit cards. Your SOTE will provide you with a $can & Pay QR code that you will use to make deposits on your tour or pay at the point of pick up. All transactions are instant, and receipts are sent to you via email as well as located on the MobileAssist® app as proof of payment.

Visit the MobileAssist® YouTube Channel for quick and easy tutorials on how to download and register, create and load your wallet, and $can & Pay.


Stewards of the Environment (SOTEs) are tour guides who have undergone training in environmental conservation and mangrove management to understand and explain the ecology of the destination and who can share valuable insights into one of the most unique and nutrient ecosystems in the world. Find out more about our SOTEs below:


Zane Forbes is a Certified Steward of The Environment (SOTE) who lives in Grand Bahama, he would love to share his wonderful island with you. Zane also speaks Spanish! What he loves about his island is the diversity, the myriad of things to do, the range of activities and he describes our beautiful ocean as “Perfecto!”.


Chris Wells is a Taxi Driver in Grand Bahama, he has been in the industry for about 5 years and he “absolutely LOVES IT!”. Chris loves meeting people from all over the world and sharing his island, and his culture with his guests. If you come to Grand Bahama, Chris would like to be able to show you around and share with you the different foods, the interesting things about his culture, the sights the sounds and all of the local events that are happening. He would like to show the best places to go for whatever will make your experience the best experience possible!


Harris Pratt is a taxi driver from Freeport, Grand Bahama. He has been driving a taxi for 7 years and would love to take the tour with you and show you his beautiful island. He wants you to know it is just wonderful underneath the “Sun-Soaked Shores!” and the beautiful beaches. What he loves most is meeting new people from all over the world; he would love to meet you, tell you about himself, and show you around his island home of Grand Bahama!


Carla Rose is a taxi and tour guide from Freeport, Grand Bahama. She would like to take you on a tour of the island when you are in Grand Bahama. She loves her island, she loves the landscaping, the delicacy of the food, the beaches, the people and the Mission to Save The Mangroves!


Zelda Forbes is a transportation professional who calls Grand Bahama her home; what she loves the most about her home the most, is that they are “One Big Family” in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Zelda loves what she does and invites you to come with her so you can explore her beautiful island together. Zelda will introduce you to her culture, the taste, and flavors of the Island of Grand Bahama!


Willise Outten invites you to call her “Winnie” from George and Winnie’s Taxi. They will offer you the Grand experience here on her island of Grand Bahama, Blue Holes, Sand, Ocean and Cays. Willise loves her island home and she would love to share it with you!


Geralene Dean, who prefers that you call her “Geri”, has been a taxi driver for over 30 years. She loves her job, she loves what she does, meeting people, showing them the beautiful island of Grand Bahama. Geri enjoys showing off her people’s culture, the “sounds of the goatskin drums and cowbells!”. Geri prides herself on her knowledge and experience and invites you to come to visit the island. She hopes to be your guide; and promises to show you “the time of your life!”.


Tenessia Grant was born and raised on the beautiful island of Grand Bahama in The Bahamas; she is a taxi driver and tour operator. Tenessia would consider it a privilege and a delight to have you visit Grand Bahama. What she loves about her island is the experience of the beautiful food, culture, sun, sand, sea and tasting the beautiful fruit. Tenessia loves it when guests asks questions, she feels it is a privilege to answer every question asked about The Bahamas, and the island on which she lives, Grand Bahama!


Eva Mitchell lives in Grand Bahama in The Bahamas. She has been driving taxis and entertaining tourists for the past 15 years. Eva would like to take you on a city tour and show you all the spectacular spots in Grand Bahama. She loves meeting new people, and seeing people have fun. She looks forward to serving you and invites you to come and experience the island of Grand Bahama with her.


Adriana Patrice Mackey-Symonette, everyone knows her as Patrice. She is the proud owner of several small businesses, but her main industry of employment is transportation. She is the co-owner of First Out Transportation and Tours; they specialize in taxi services, prearranged pick-ups and island tours. She will take you “wherever you want to go to have a good time!”


Philano Thompson, better known as “Lano” by everyone on the island, and his guests, is the co-owner of First Out Transportation and Tours in Grand Bahama. Lano has been driving for about 9 ½ years and he “loves what he does!”. He inherited his love for this business from both sides of his family, his mom and his dad’s side, and from his grandparents. One may say being a taxi driver is “in his blood”. He truly loves his job!

Guests have the option to either pay online OR at the destination.


The tour is about one hour in duration. You will be picked up from your hotel or cruise ship and taken to the Farm which is in Lucaya, just north of Garden of the Groves.

You can find out about our SOTES by visiting www.bahamasprotected/missionformangroves or our destination website at https://www.bahamas.com/plan-your-trip/sustainability under Climate Action

Yes; however, you can only reserve the tour by contacting a SOTE and by booking online at www.bahamasprotected.com/missionformangroves

Wear comfortable attire and walking or tennis shoes. While there are shaded sitting areas, the tour is a nature experience.

Yes; however, you should contact SOTE for further information on accessibility options as assistance will be needed to navigate the rough ground surface for participation in mangrove planting.

The tour is $75 per person, for a maximum of six (6) persons.

Payment is made by downloading the Mobile Assist App in
the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore

Mobile Assist accepts the local Sand Dollar digital currency, and all major credit and debit cards, i.e. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX.

Contact your SOTE in the event of a schedule change or cancellation of booking. Cancellations must be received by 4pm the day prior to the tour.

Yes, the tour is suitable for all ages.

Contact the Grand Bahama Tourist Office Reception Services Desk at tel: +1(242) 352-8045 or by email at: arobinson@bahamas.com

NOTE: If arriving by commercial plane, private charter or cruise ship, contact at SOTE to book the tour.

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