Gift A Mangrove for World Ocean Day 🌎 🌊 🌿

For this year’s World Ocean Day on June 8th, 2022, we invite you to do something different, something lasting. Something your children’s children, or the boss that has everything, will never expect but will thank you for and always treasure…

Give a gift to support our mangroves. We are asking you to invest in your future and the future of our jeweled isles – a gift from BPAF is the gift that ensures our sustainability and beauty beyond our lifetimes.

Mangroves play a key role in protecting our marine resources and preserving lives and property. By restoring our coasts with these diverse and dynamic plants, we can reduce the impact of catastrophic events like hurricanes and floods. By giving towards the restoration of mangroves, you will help to support a future for Bahamian generations to come. For more details on the importance of mangroves click here

Thank you and have a Wonderful World Ocean Day!

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