Resource Library

Marine Protected Areas Information and Reports

AMNH Science Guide To MPA’s

Breef Protected Area Guide Poster (Booklet)

Breef Protected Area Guide Poster (Map)

Everyman’s Guide to Protected Areas

Final Communications Plan

Final SBIMR Communication Plan

Final SBIMR Economic Benefits

Final SBIMR Management Plan

Final SBIMR Sustainable Finance

Final SBIMR Zoning Pan

Final Southern Bahamas REA Report 9/24/13

Knowledge Attitude Practices of East Grand Bahama

Marine Protected Area Brochure (BREEF)

Marine Rapid Ecological Assessment of East Grand Bahama – Final Apr 2014

Master Plan for the BNPAS (FINAL)

Monitoring Plan for the Bonefish Pond National Park

My Island My Mangrove Brochure

Rapid Ecological Assessment

REA East End Grand Bahama-Botany

Update on Habitat Rehabilitation Report

Final Monitoring Programme for BNPAS

Bahamas Revised NISS 2013 FINAL

FINAL Bahamas Management Effectiveness Evaluation 2014

Lionfish PSBP IAS 25 Conference Paper KSherman

Ecology and Eco Tourism in The Exumas

Attitude of Excellent Customer Service

Bahamian Fisheries Regulations

Bird Species Basic ID, Nature Tour Guide Training (Exuma Cays)

Bird Species Basic ID

BNHC REA Presentation

CHMI Bahamas McArthur and Doyle

Community Engagement

Connecting Ecology and Conservation

ECLSP STM presentation (Jan 24)

Ecosystems of The Bahamas

Endangered Species


Exuma Cays (March 2011)

Final Business Planning for Protected Areas

Final ECLSP Business Plan Outline

Final Flora and Fauna ID Exam (Black Point)

Final Flora and Fauna ID Exam (Staniel Cay)

Tourism and Coral Reef Health

Final History of ECLSP Business Planning

Sustainable Tourism (GD Final)

Final New Concepts for ECLSP Business Plan

Fish Identification

GEF Presentation for Exuma Branch

HD Wells Exuma Cays Presentation

Invasive Species of The Bahamas K. Sherman – BNHC ECLSP Presentation

K. Sherman – BNNHC GEF Presentation (2013)

K. Sherman – STM Presentation for College of The Bahamas

K. Sherman ECLSP GEF 1 Presentation

K. Sherman STM Presentation for MOT

K. Sherman STM Presentation for SIDS Conference

Native Plants (Sep 2012)

Nature Based Tourism (Grand Bahama)

Tour Guide training (Grand Bahama)

Social marketing and promotion

Staff and Customer Safety

STM Presentation for RBDF

STM Presentation for Sustainable Exumas Meeting

STM Stakeholder Meeting

Sustainable Finance Workshop Presentation

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