Proposed Expansion for New Marine Protected Areas

Total Area of New Proposed & Expansion of MPAs

7,700,471 Acres

3,116,271 Hectares

Listing of sites proposed for meeting the next 10% of Marine Protected Areas

IslandSite NameSize (Acres)Size (Hectares)
Berry IslandsNorthern Berry Islands 12,280 4,969
Berry IslandsWest Berry Islands 169,46968,582
Berry IslandsKemps Cay & Pigeon Cay13,784 5,578
BiminiNorth Bimini Marine Reserve 21,733 8,795
Cat IslandNorth Cat Island 157,72464,638
Cat IslandAlligator Creek3,6371468
Cat IslandFernandez Bay/Joe Sound/Armbrister Creeks 24,1339,766
Cat IslandHawksnest Creek 18,5437,504
Cat IslandCutlass Creek4,2571,723
Cat IslandColumbus Point 28,01611,338
EleutheraWest Schooner Cays614,953248,863
EleutheraEgg Island 5,5702,254
EleutheraSeahorse National Park 3,211 1,299
EleutheraSavannah Sound & Plantation Reef3,468 1,403
EleutheraHalf Sound North & South 3,573 1,446
EleutheraSouth Eleuthera Marine Managed Area 38,274 15,489
EleutheraDeep Creek2,059833
EleutheraLighthouse Point Marine Area 18,8767,639
EleutheraCorrie Sound 2,5111,016
Exuma Southern Exuma Cays 65,849 26,648
Grand Bahama West End 26,64810,904
Inagua South Inagua340,658 137,859
Long IslandNorth Long Island 25,795 10,439
Long IslandNortheast Long Island 2,452992
Long IslandLong Island Marine Managed Area 171,286 69,317
Long IslandSteven's Rock 4,1751,689
Long IslandGreat Lakes1,605 650
Long IslandSouth Long Island 2,6411,069
Mayaguana Curtis Creek6,5282,642
New ProvidenceLost Blue Holes174 70
New ProvidenceAtholl Island PA 971 393
New ProvidenceEastern New Providence Cays (Green Cay) 1,571 636
New ProvidenceLake Killarney--
Ragged Island Flamingo Cay (Cay Verde)212,711 86,081
Rum Cay East Rum Cay14,321 5,796

Expansion of Existing Marine Protected Areas

IslandSite NameSize (Acres)Size (Hectares)
AbacoExpansion of Cross Harbour National Park 100,990 40,869
AbacoExpansion of the Marls of Abaco National Park 44,980 18,203
Cay Sal Bank &
Great Bahama
Expansion of Cay Sal Marine Managed Area 2,816,7901,139,916
Expansion of Conception Island National Park78,347 31,706
Exuma Expansion of Moriah Harbour Cay National
5,349 2,165
InaguaExpansion of Inagua National Park 62,373 25,242
InaguaExpansion of Little Inagua National Park 336,642136,234
InaguaExpansion of Hogsty Reef Protected Area67,138 27,170

Protected Areas Partners

Bahamas National Trust

The Bahamas National Trust was created by an Act of Parliament in 1959 to build and manage the national park system of the Bahamas. BNT’s mission is to protect and conserve the natural resources of The Bahamas, through stewardship and education, for present and future generations.

Visit Their Website

Department of Marine Resources

The Department of Marine Resources is primarily responsible for the administration, management, and development of fisheries in The Bahamas. … The department is also tasked with enforcement of Fisheries Regulations, Marine Mammal Regulations and the Seafood Processing and Inspection Regulations.

Visit Their Website

BEST Commission

The BEST Commission manages the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements and reviews environmental impact assessments (EIA) and environmental management plans (EMP) for development projects within The Bahamas.

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WAITT Foundation

The WAITT Foundation is a nonprofit institution partnering with island governments and communities to restore coral reefs and fisheries. It also makes grants, which also makes grants, mainly in support of Marine Protected Areas and sustainable fisheries.

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